Vita (english)

* 1971

Tampere, Finland / lives and works since 1991 in Munich, Germany



Studies of Fine Art and Teaching of Art (Master's degree: Kunstpädagogik M.A.)

at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU), Munich


Working in a studio community in Neuaubing, Munich / several studio shows and exhibition projects together with Ingrid Thorwart


International Summer Akademy for Fine Arts in Salzburg, Austria / Teacher of the class: Jacobo Borges from Venezuela;

Theme of the class: Painting - Space - Time


Cooperation and co-designing of the exhibition „Lebenscollagen“ („Life's collages“) by LMU München und München Stift


Work as an artistic assistant for W. Haller in preparing the realization of a 400 sq.m. outside wall painting in Berlin


Work as an art teacher for Kreisjugendring München (social service organisation planning and offering activities for children and teenagers in Munich)


Planning and organisation of the yearly event „Kunst in Sendling“ („Art in Sendling“) with Ulrike Schüler / open studios in Sendling, Munich

3 different self-initiated and organised exhibitions with Ulrike Schüler, Jovana Banjac, Jitka Beranek and Marc Rohweder

in various empty gallery spaces Schwabing and Glockenbach, Munich


Working in two different studio communities in Sendling, Munich


Yearly participation in „Kunst in Sendling“ / open studios in Sendling

since 2009

Member of the Germany-based artists' association BBK (Bundesverband Bildender Künstler)

since 2010

Studio in Westend, Munich, together with Susanne Brandenburger and Anne Pincus 

Yearly participation in „Open Westend“ / open studios in Westend

Various exhibition projects with studio colleagues

2011 Release of the catalogue Anna Kiiskinen: Im Wasserspiegel / Reflecting On Water

in connection with the exhibition in Galerie Arktika, Marktoberdorf, Germany

2011, 2012, 2014, 2015

Participation in Edition Karbit (exhibition of special editions). Yearly event with more than 30 various artists

with an exhibition in the studio of Theresia Hefele & Oliver Hottner, Munich /


development of the concept as well as planning and organisation of the international exhibition project „planet solitude“

(together with: Theresia Hefele, Anne Pincus und Yukara Shimizu living in Munich – and Mollu Heino, Marko Lampisuo,

Talvikki Lehtinen and Päivi Setälä from Finland). Research and several applications. First exhibition under this name

and to this concept with the four participants from Munich in Pori, Finland


Catalogue of the exhibition planet solitude 2017 in Pasinger Fabrik Munich:


Artist's Residence Athens, Koroneos House, Finnland Institute Athens


Presence in art fairs:

Art Karlsruhe 2014 und 2015

Art Bodensee 2014

Lineart, Genf / Belgium 2008


since 1999 several exhibitions in Germany (mostly in Bavaria) and in Finland (see the list of exhibitions)



Main subjects in my art work until now:

1997-2000 „House“ (painting/drawing/ceramics/objects)

1998-2003 „Time“ (photography/video/installation/mixed techniques on canvas)

since 2002 „Water“ (painting/drawing)

2007 Installations with CD-covers

since 2007 Trees / silhouettes of trees / reflections of trees in water

since 2009 Seagulls

since 2013 Reflections of trees on windows / lamps

since 2018 streets, shadows at night

since 2019 etchings, mostly dry point

since 2020 Curtains, still life, interieur