PLANET SOLITUDE  48°15'N, 11°46'E

Exhibition in:



Kultur- und Bürgerzentrum der Landeshauptstadt München / Cultural Centre of the City of Munich

August-Exter-Str. 1, 81245 München


OPENING: Thurs 29th June 2017 / 19pm


EXHIBITION IN GALLERIES 1-3:  30.6.-13.8.2017 / Tue - Sun 4-8pm


Entrance: € 4 € / Concession: € 2


Photography, video art, painting, etching and sculpture on the subject landscape

with: Jovana Banjac, Theresia Hefele, Mollu Heino, Anna Kiiskinen, Marko Lampisuo, Talvikki Lehtinen, Anne Pincus, Yukara Shimizu


Eight artists with very different personal and geographical backgrounds have come together for the exhibition PLANET SOLITUDE 48°09'N, 11°27'E: On the one hand, those resident in Munich – Jovana Banjac from Croatia, Theresia Hefele from Germany, Anna Kiiskinen from Finland, Anne Pincus from Australia and Yukara Shimizu from Japan; and on the other hand, Mollu Heino, Talvikki Lehtinen and Marko Lampisuo, who all live and work in Finland. The exhibition in Pasing, Munich is the second in a series of exhibitions with the same title. The first took place in 2015 in Pori, Finland (planet solitude 61°29'N, 21°48'E), a part of Finland all the guest artists for the show in Munich originate from.


Each of the eight artists have been influenced by the social, cultural and aesthetic landscapes and surroundings of their home countries, as well as those of their chosen homes. Some of the artists focus on details in nature or the environment, while others depict the sometimes drastic changes which have taken place in the landscape over time. These are eight very personal, aesthetic positions on the subject delivered through the mediums of photography, painting, sculpture, printmaking and video.


Landscape can still be interpreted as a mirror for the human condition or as a spiritual or psychological portrayal of nature, as in the landscape painting of the 18th and 19th centuries. The artists of PLANET SOLITUDE see the subject of landscape as a concern with our natural surroundings as such, but also as a space on which to project personal and therefore human emotions or sentiments. In these works, nature can appear as a silent, idealised landscape of longing, or as a nostalgic memory, or it can appear assomething threatening or frightening, before which one might feel small,

powerless and insignificant. The search for seclusion, solitude and peace in nature reflects our need for sanctuary and a place to reflect. A view is not an objective expression but rather a subjective impression dependent on position and experience. To deal with the subject of landscape or our natural surroundings as an artist means to find one’s ‘place’ within that landscape. It also reflects an attempt, through a subjective and cultural lens, to draw closer to nature and the world as a whole.




In order to honour the three Finnish guest artists and to grant the public an insight into the natural and cultural landscape of Finland, a country celebrating its 100th anniversary of independence this year, the artists have organized a series of events with a special focus on Finland. The opening will be followed in July by a concert-performance by two of our Finnish guests, there will be two artist-led tours through the exhibition, two amusing and touching documentary films from and about Finland, and a reading event in German showcasing Finnish literature on the subject of nature.



The exhibition is being sponsored by:


Deutsch-Finnische Gesellschaft e.V. München

frame / contemporary art finland

Arts Promotion Centre Finland

Finnish Cultural Foundation (Satakunta Regional Fund)

Finnland Institut Deutschland

Events during the exhibition:

Thurs 29th June: Opening at 7pm

Opening speeches by Thomas Linsmayer & Anna Kiiskinen

and after that music by the flutist Johanna Kärkkäinen with her own compositions and some improvisation


Sun 2nd July: Concert / Performance „Poems for flute“

Videos by Marko Lampisuo, music on the flute & poems by Johanna Kärkkäinen.

Poems will be recited by Johanna Kärkkäinen in Finnish and by Christl Feiler (Theater Die Trampelmuse) in German

Begin at 6pm (lasting about 60 minutes) / in Gallery 1

Entrance: € 5


Sun 9th July: Artist-led tour through the exhibition and a film

„Garden Lovers“ by Virpi Suutari (documentary film) and

before that „A Sort of Garden“ a short film by Marko Lampisuo (both in Finnish with english subtitles)

Tour starting at 7pm in gallery 1, the film at about 8pm in gallery 3

Entrance: € 5


Thurs 13th July:  Literary journey to the finnish nature

Reading event in cooperation with the Institute of Finnougristc languages of the LMU University  

introducing German translations of Finnisch literature on the subject of nature

7pm / Gallery 1
Entrance: € 5


Wed 26th July:  Artist-led tour through the exhibition and a film

„Mittsommernachtstango“ / "Midsummer Tango" by Viviane Blumenschein (documentary film, Germany/Argentine/Finland, original with subtitles)

Führung um 19:00 und Film ca. um 20:00 / Galerie 3

Entrance: € 5


Sat 12th July: End of the show party at 7pm

Little party at the end of the show